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I wrote a letter to my kids once. That was a letter for posterity. It had basically one single message: what takes a person to find genuine happiness.
But then I tore the letter. I thought it wouldn't touch them the way I had imagined. I changed my strategy and decided to regularly practice those same things that I'd written in the letter, with frequency and discipline. After all, examples are better than words, right?
But there was one thing, which was quite difficult for me: altruism. Something which brought more meaning to life beyond family, work and close friends. I felt as if I didn't have much of a chance to help others, or do something which had impact.
This site helps fitting altruism into a life which seems to have space for nothing else. It starts by motivating to research and generate more content. Then there is the possibility to publicly support the idea of altruism. But the best of all is that the site also provides some provocation to practice what one writes there. I became a regular blood donor, registered myself as a bone marrow donor, became a member of the Effective Altruism Movement of São Paulo, began saving a part of my budget for donations to the best charities in the world, pledged my birthday to these same institutions, shared electronic petitions in social media, helped to promote social work at my company, learned first aid procedures and became a member of the fire brigade at my company. Of course there is plenty of people who do much more, but this was already a huge step forward for me, and really produced a sensation of more satisfaction towards life.
There is no obligation to log in here everyday. The site works as a support tool, when one feels that there won't be a chance to do anything concrete because of lack of time or ideas. The exercise of researching, writing and reflecting about altruism strengthens a new perspective. It helps the brain to work a little different. It helps to replace some anxieties by consolidating this more interesting meaning to life.
This site could be like a movement. More people could generate more articles, or even contribute to improve it. It would belong to all its users. Together we could make it our letter for posterity.

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